Aluminum and General Welding Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Main Points:

*Welding equipment

*Certain Items we have welded other materials - stainless, mild steel

*Testing procedures low and high pressure

*Polishing of alloy

*Cleaning in ultrasonics of alloy components

 Hi-Tech Radiators starting aluminium welding 5 years ago as a side line to radiator work we were already doing, mainly when customers
brought in alloy fuel tanks bull bars and intercoolers.

We are now capable of welding high pressure oil coolers and air coolers from the likes of petro chemical , compressor, hydraulic and
many more industries.

Fabricating a new fuel tank for a generator, this tank is twice as large as the original so it can running for longer periods of time.

New alloy fuel tank, mounts exactly the same as original makes for easy installation.

Fuel tank installed ready to use- as you can see the tank was made to take up as much wasted space as possible.

Here there is a new alloy bar that is getting welded either side of the ramp to give it extra support and strength for the heavy machinery that constantly use this equipment.

New alloy bar on ramp with nice big thick weld for added strength.


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